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Festivals and Events in Islam – Amalgam

Today, this date marks the noble birth of Muhammad (PBUH – Muhammad was born in Mecca 570 years AJC Celebrating the Prophet’s birth was not known in the early years of Islamic history. This feast was established in the eleventh century in Egypt. Some see it as an innovation, but now it’s a national holiday in most Arab and Muslim countries), date of birth as all the messengers of God on earth. Read More…

From the Experts: expansion and gravity

From the Experts: if today knowledge of dark energy in the Universe doesn’t really succeed to overcome of the strange mystery of space observation, what are the options that leave scientist speculate the end of the expansion against the gravity.

  1. Hypothesis 1: Mankind live in local place of the Universe as Copernicus mentioned
  2. Hypothesis 2: Mankind live in special and protected place of the Universe where relatively what happening beyond the whole Universe is totally different

Both hypothesizes bring us to question ourselves why the expansion is wining against the gravity which is growing with Dark matter increase? Read More…

Have manners in any life relation

Many people believe on rules’ demolishing before buildup our own when it came to deal with people. We always wish and like to see people reactions the way we understand everything in life, but the beauty is to be always ourselves. Let’s get to the good stuff: Check out some of the biggest dating mistakes men and women make toward interrelation Read More…