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Age maturity and life experience

People speculated to have understood that age is the vehicle by which we experience common milestones in life. Even we all know these milestones give us the ability to relate to one another. Everyone experience a first kiss, first partner, first sex, marriage, home, career, child, divorce, etc…We can observe that with younger women, we felt attracted but bored. With older women, just the opposite — we’re interested but did not feel attracted enough to them.

Now, myself, I stay away from age extremes, and now I met anyone Younger or older, I look for common interests before committing forward. This works because I recognize that age matters. It is simply naïve to think otherwise.

Age itself isn’t a factor in compatibility —it’s elements like maturity and life experience, which tend to correlate with age, that can make or break a relationship’s long-term potential. But so can future goals, background, culture, family, career, personality, and sexual chemistry. I tend to think that the combination of those factors (maturity and life experience included) takes precedence over whether or not your significant others gets your reference.

Age and maturity often go hand in hand, but you can certainly have one without the other – Better to be the exception than been the rule because today life experience can create the attraction that younger women don’t have…

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