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The Power of continuous ambitions

We all though future will be the way we live the present records… As per the necessity of Life experience, we found how planning more importance is. Readers and Project leaders always link resources, time and tasks together along with Project Planning.

In my recent experience, I found the mix-up entity that makes altogether as strength or weakness of Project success.

Criticism, Gravity and risk repetition… all the Projects planning parts when we link them with risk management, along with its degree of criticism, we could build our own model that all Project management tools should follow and track its records.

Another angle, which I found also precisely relation between time and resources management is everything cheaper has less revenue, or everything expensive has value?

I always follow writers till the day I decide myself to start drawing my own, and I can find how important is to distinguish Task and functions… I use to spend days to do tasks that today I can do in hours…. means another parameter should be taken in consideration in Future Business planning: Function on top of Task, instead of mixed with resources.


Alot to come and thank you,

Mohamed Salim ALI

The secret of Success

The secret of Success in today Business, is in communication. Communication is not like we think or like we are listening every day. Communication is  in three parts: Speaking,, Listening and Interaction.
The important of Speaking is to be understood, so think what you say, before speaking to prevent misunderstanding.
Listening is the process to understand the meaning of what others say.
The interaction between who speak and who is listening is the goal for the communication between both.
Be skilled then:
Monitoring your words, get others reactions before go ahead, you will get success for what you try to say.
Other case:
In Business, there no time to get back others reaction, so You have to monitor from the Objectif to the Success of what you want to say in full, because no time to get other reaction. If One problem Happen, an Urgence case is in process, you have to get all the necessary informations before reaction, or solution.
Urgence case:
Some urgence case, will not allow you the time to get full information, this where Experience is welcome. Use similar Ideas, and take risk. When you success, you will be happy, when you fail, you will be wise. This how others are getting the secret of Success. Be skilled in communication by its three parts, and be able to take risk, in case of miss necessary information about what you have to deal with.

So glad so happy forever you live

Undersatand the world means understood the really reason of this life, techonlogy is come to give us a view on it

One World is Soon

I am Very glad this morning regarding the evolution in now World. One World will follow our next step of new technology advance. We work very hard, day after day and hope success soon. Who know where we go? No one, but it said that; where there are will, there are way. Happy day, for all who can believe that, our fingers make easy the life but not for all. go to see me and what i said in this link below:

The life is Small

Th life is becoming more small because New technology reduces the communication of  Peolpe. so take care to design yourself your future with your best way, not only like in the past, because the World is becoming opened forever.