Festivals and Events in Islam – Amalgam

Today, this date marks the noble birth of Muhammad (PBUH – Muhammad was born in Mecca 570 years AJC Celebrating the Prophet’s birth was not known in the early years of Islamic history. This feast was established in the eleventh century in Egypt. Some see it as an innovation, but now it’s a national holiday in most Arab and Muslim countries), date of birth as all the messengers of God on earth. With a set of divisions within Islam on the one hand and in all other religions, it is our duty as usual that Seleaninews once again moves in this debate. We know a lot of confusion between festival and event in all systems of belief whether monotheism or polytheism as well as we discuss in our article by Albert Einstein on the Good and bad reason for believing.
In Islam, there are events; Muharram (the beginning of the Hegira), Ramadan (The night of Power lail algadr), Lector, Mawlid Al Nabawi, Eid Mubarak, Eid adha etc. .. But most important is that these festivals and these events converge on what has drifted into history and what we will learn throughout our life on earth. The Muslim has to innovate these festive events and famous as any other festive occasions, something that the Sunnah of Muhammad did not teach, but instead prevented by saying that the holidays are only the two Eid (Eid Mubarak and Eid El Kabir) and the wedding day. The rest of the festivities that Muslims today are celebrating from their own innovations and add no more, no less on their approach to Allah.
But as each situation has a source, Seleaninews forges a much more forward in a direction based on the different parts of convergence and divergence between the divine systems of belief that there are 3 different sections of any belief (Tawheed in Islam):

1) Tawheed Ar-Rouboubiya (Oneness in Lordship)
2) Al-Tawhid Oulouhiya (Oneness in Worship)
3) Tawheed al-Asmaa wa Have Sifat (The uniqueness in the Names and Attributes)

But What is Tawheed Ar-Rouboubiya (Oneness in Lordship)? This oneness of Allah in all His actions such as creation, destruction, sustenance, record, restore life, liability and intelligible order of the universe (Star, planets, galaxies, holes black, time and space etc. ..), maintain the order of expansion and gravitation of the universe etc …

And this part of Tawheed is recognized by all scientific (Except as Stephen Hawking, the Big Bung was an inevitable and that the universe does not need a creator under its intelligibility), Jews, Christians and all other faiths, as recognized by the disbelievers of Quraish people and others. But as we all see, this recognition may not be complete because it would meet the second part by associating anything else with Allah.
It is in this situation in the story it was allowed to fight the unbelievers who associate with Allah anything else and that their properties were allowed to own after wars. But since the basic standards have been established, there is also reason to fight that whatsoever, except in self-defense system that has all the right to defend themselves in a democratic system. Instead, he’ll have to learn to live together, to cooperate and share many things with other believing systems as they do not threaten Muslims not directly or indirectly.
And What Does the Al-Tawhid Oulouhiya (Oneness in worship)? This oneness of Allah through His servants in everything they do from what he expected of them, and what He has legislated as their adoration with which he has made admirers.
And this part of Tawheed is that the disbelievers have denied and that for which they were opposed to their messengers with emphasis on their historical satanic idolatry. So Allah made Jihad in history against them mandatory and has permitted their blood and their property for their violation of this important obligation that represents the backbone of belief (Tawhid). And He has commanded His Messenger and the believers to fight, to besiege them and watch them in every stratagem (reference to verse 5 of Surah At-Tawba) until is established a solid foundation (of Tawheed) with love and sincerity.
Thus the successors of Islam already established there is no more duty to fight those who are not aggressive, because the order was wholly divine in a very specific time to the Prophet and his companions but the other day that today Muslims must fight their own instincts, remains strong and good examples in their lifestyle, but to protect themselves against any attacks.
What is Tawheed Asma wa al-As-Sifat (The uniqueness in the Names and Attributes)? It is faith in all the attributes of Allaah contained in the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah purified. The attributes related to the essence of Allah and those related to his actions. So the fact of Him as He is the award was attributed to Himself and His Messenger as He was assigned to it and without falsification, denial, without comparison, without seeking to discover their essence and without interpretation exceed even our awareness of human life.
And this is the faith because it is a reality of their output to the distortion and denial in their meanings. Allah says: “And let those who deny they will be rewarded for what they have done” (Surah 7, Verse 180) and He has made slanderous (to Allah) for it.
This clearly shows how the foundations of Islam are a synthesis of belief, worship and attributes on the forms constituting our lives without harming other belief systems that it is monotheistic or polytheistic. The mission that the Muslim must learn, and accept, to ensure its existence in a constructive and not destructive pace that damages that become Muslims who lack knowledge synthetic, or rather who want to use religion for their own needs God forbid …. Amen

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