Wrong belief in history of time

In my recent technology research that just started into the direction of multiple possibilities in life, gave me more to ask ourselves why human race re-shape the nature of what other believe. To pass through the perspective of today modern life, I am amazed with Stephen Hawking new 2010 book “the Grand Design” where deliberately rejection or needful of God. If we follow same root back on time, .. Einstein rejected the personal God, but believe on the God who puts laws that govern the space-time Universe. If today, we young scientists we look on parallelism these different concepts in many approaches:

Scientists insist on explaining everything by observation and reason for what exist, but that we forget that discovery meant to bring things clear from unknown to be reachable by specific law of science, and that doesn’t mean the discovered exist before our discovery?

Religious people reject other similar belief by mean their belief is the ultimate and if others don’t support it, they are to be rejected; Muslim, Christians, Jewish, Hindus etc..

My personal core interpretation of these infinite possibilities, relay on our limitless need of explaining everything with arrogance of non-cooperative and non-supportive approach that today technology is moving us on.

Technologist understands that we cannot build a unified language or technology that can be the standard for every device in whole world. Technologist people built-up regulations and set protocols that give openness interfacing that other devices can integrate together. Web semantic is one of the standard example, to be the next generation of web intelligent, where data can be well organize for any agent requester, or another way, a smart agent can find mean with any unorganized data.

In believing system, the game is different, Muslim think Christians are wrong for Jesus divinity, even inside Christianity, Witness of Jehovah believe Chris to be a prophet. Jewish do still waiting the real Jesus and reject other believe to be right. Christian believes Muslims are wrong on Chris to be Prophet simply. Jewish deny on Ismael-Abraham sacrifice attempt and put Isac-Abraham as reality, Muslims Sunni think Muslim Chia are wrong etc…A limitless differences that put whole human race into process of narrowing all possibility of beliefs.

When it came to the universe, there are laws that prove the existing of a beginning of our universe and today general relativity of Einstein predicted the expansion/growing of Universe and if today Stephen hawking is putting God into needless in the Universe creation which prevent even God involving on Human life activities, we can easily find the endless nose that today cosmologist are putting on Science. Are we capable to explain our mathematical equations? If yes, been confident of equipment of measure, are they capable of measuring more than their limited capacity, can you put 2000kg in a balance limited in 1000kg? What will be the result? Of course 1000kg, because our equipment of measure is limited to 1000kg.

Exactly this is our main and common limit that religious put faith in advance on top of infinite possibilities that reason and observation will put in time discovery. Science is very young and slow to understand itself, how can it know what happen before the big bang. This means there many unknown scenarios and evidence that may be answers to our limitless questions but that we are limited to know because we been absent when our young Universe start existing, whether by creation or by itself…

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