Who really win today business? Time to revise internal policies

Recently, companies start squeezing expenses toward hiring non professional staff that do the job.  What we can realize on another hand, is that no company is sure to survive longer because market stability doesn’t come by organization policies, but long-term approach that non professional staff cannot plan. Professional people don’t look on the best solutions that satisfy current organization needs.

Owner and organization leaders should work wisely to empower existing resources and build very strong profitability that secure staff and the organization system. Recently Bayt.com published a survey for the hell and struggling of ME professional and how organizations get affected by the global financial crisis.

We need all to face it, professional people are not different than owners; they are the people who bring organizations where they reach today. Wise owner and managers build-up strong trust toward professionals, they are the leaders of planning and long-term risk handling that can combine with organization strategy to stay strong longer.

I recently found a lot of miss matching in term of people who don’t realize the difference of long-term solution and short-term saver. I realized that strategy can change time to another, but organization culture and values will stay. If professional leave the road to non professionals, the same financial crisis we are all facing today will affect not only organizations but also affect all societies between themselves.

Professional looks far, by building network relation, in this global penetration market, because high standards that come from developing countries will continue to aggress and controle all 3rd world manpower resources to create a continuous dependency that small and medium size organization don’t understand.

So whoever you are, be strong and stay competitive not for solution delivery, but for effective and long-term experience that professionalism challenges on us day after day.  – Mohamed Salim ALI – www.u-picardie.frwww.seleani.comwww.isys.mobi

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Business Technologist

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