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The secret of accepting Change and Business planning

Nobody in this World have ever success without facing the journey of failure.. these are the sign of success.. In Business the first people who wrote the basic ideas and tips have been experiencing the stuck and pain of always face the unexpected. Businessman growth is the average and capability of changing those name to positively bring new expression of success. Failure became Challenge, threat became strenght and weakness became opportunity. this was the begining of SWOT analysis.
The major change have been writen by most of French thinker of how we can vertically or horizontally create longer a business, because without competition there will not be performence none improvement. so the power of gaining profit is base on, the knowing first, and launching the product first, and face the changes first in the market you compete. this cycle belong to those life experience can add value on them to see far and plan near, work now for that future they see.. just Salim experience.