Archive | November 2005

The secret of Success

The secret of Success in today Business, is in communication. Communication is not like we think or like we are listening every day. Communication is  in three parts: Speaking,, Listening and Interaction.
The important of Speaking is to be understood, so think what you say, before speaking to prevent misunderstanding.
Listening is the process to understand the meaning of what others say.
The interaction between who speak and who is listening is the goal for the communication between both.
Be skilled then:
Monitoring your words, get others reactions before go ahead, you will get success for what you try to say.
Other case:
In Business, there no time to get back others reaction, so You have to monitor from the Objectif to the Success of what you want to say in full, because no time to get other reaction. If One problem Happen, an Urgence case is in process, you have to get all the necessary informations before reaction, or solution.
Urgence case:
Some urgence case, will not allow you the time to get full information, this where Experience is welcome. Use similar Ideas, and take risk. When you success, you will be happy, when you fail, you will be wise. This how others are getting the secret of Success. Be skilled in communication by its three parts, and be able to take risk, in case of miss necessary information about what you have to deal with.